The Night Dance Tetralogy

by Kory Wynykom

Night Dance: Shadow Worlds by Kory Wynykom
Scene from a lucid dream in chapter 4 of book 1. (Coverdesign:


Night Dance is a healing journey

that takes us deep into the human abyss.


Through the eyes of the British medium Zayla and the Lakota-American Logan, Night Dance connects the traumas and primal wounds of eight people on three continents.


The tetralogy is the story of the magic of life, the monumental power of love, and the embracing of our darkest shadows.


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 Click on the image and you will be redirected to the review on Amazon.

Book 1: Night Dance - Shadow Worlds

The Night Dance Trilogy by Kory Wynykom
Night Dance: Shadow Worlds (with new cover in 2024). Coverdesign by

 Book 1: Night Dance: Shadow Worlds (2023)

   Book 2: Night Dance: Glimmer of Light (2025)

Book 3: Night Dance: A New Dawn (2026)

  Book 3: Night Dance: Prelude (2028)


"What I experienced while reading was so big, so multi-faceted, multi-layered, profound, touching, and emotional,

that by the end I was drunk on it."

(Nadja Bobik, Editor)


"Kory Wynykom's book is not just a novel. It is an earthquake that can wake us up, a spiritual lesson and a catalyst for healing ancient traumas in equal measure."

(Nadine H., review)



"I have never read a book that made me confront my unhealed wounds, my own prejudices and cliché thinking so much. This work is not for the faint hearted. It triggers where you are not at peace with yourself and know too little about America's history. If you let yourself get involved, however, you will experience a story that will never quite let you go."

(Amazon customer, review on



"Worth its weight in gold, and not for everyone!"

(Astrid Jücker, review on