The Night dance Trilogy


Kory wynykom


Night Dance is a healing voyage that takes us deep into the human abyss.


Through the eyes of the British medium Zayla and the Lakota-American Logan, Night Dance connects the traumas and primal wounds of eight people on three continents.


The trilogy is the story of the magic of life, the monumental power of love, and the embracing of our darkest shadows.







"Never underestimate the power of a person who is healing their trauma.

This person has been through the darkest places that the world has to offer

and is still standing before you, committed to seeing the light."


(Matilda Carroll)







The Night Dance Trilogy

 Night Dance: Shadow Worlds (2023)
   Night Dance: Glimmer of Light (2024)
  Night Dance: Prelude (2025)





"What I experienced while reading was so big, so multi-faceted, multi-layered,
profound, touching, and emotional, that by the end I was drunk on it."

(Nadja Bobik, Editor, after reading the first draft of Night Dance)


"Kory Wynykom's book is not just a novel. It is an earthquake that can wake us up, a spiritual lesson and a catalyst for healing ancient traumas in equal measure."

(Nadine H., amazon review)



"[The author] has gracefully woven together gripping stories of human traumas, present and past, and their impact on the soul's healing journey across earthly lifetimes. [...] Reading this novel was an emotional experience for me, not a quick, light read, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The author skillfully guided me through the complexities of the characters' lives, wherupon I found myself examining my own personal growth and healing journey.  "

(Addie, review)




"A profound and very captivating story, which I devoured ― due to the complex and interwoven plot around the colourful ensemble of characters."

(Jenny, amazon review)




"Worth its weight in gold, and not for everyone!"

(Astrid Jücker, amazon review)







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