The Night Dance Trilogy

"Our deepest traumas held in love, will heal humanity."

(Grace Kane)




Night Dance is a crossover of fiction and non-fiction, spirituality, (historical) trauma and unconventional love stories. It is a socially critical epic that calls its heroes - as part of a collective healing process - to celebrate their pain as uncompromisingly as love and life itself.


Mato Tipila (Bear Lodge) at night with view of the Milky Way, Wyoming, USA

Uluru at night with view of the Milky Way, Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park, Northern Territory, Australia 

Stonehenge at night with view of the Milky Way, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom

My vision for Night Dance is to stir deep emotions and invite reflection and contemplation on a wide range of topics.

At the same time, The Night Dance Trilogy, apart from its uncomfortable triggers and pain points, seeks to bring thoughts of love and connectedness into the world. It is the author's hope to provide a further, if only modest, impetus toward individual and collective trauma healing.



Night Dance: Shadow Worlds (Book 1)
Night Dance: Shadow Worlds (Book 1)

NIGHT DANCE: Shadow Worlds


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Zayla is the only child of renowned British psychologist and hypnotherapist Professor Dr. Kirkpatrick. Highly gifted and endowed with metaphysical (supernatural) abilities that go far beyond the acceptance of a spiritually detached society, the young woman is thrust into the role of outsider from an early age. In her search for love and acceptance, Zayla gets caught in the web of narcissistic London investment banker Marrock.

The trauma of genocide and violent assimilation rages in Logan's soul. In his worldview and that of his ancestors, the distinctions between "normal" and "paranormal" is meaningless.
Logan Black Wolf Chief Diamandis is the descendant of a highly controversial Lakota headman and warrior leader elevated to legend and the adopted son of influential media mogul Deimos Diamandis. The Sydney-based tycoon and Logan's adopted brother Nick are deeply attached to him. The privileged life in Australia has made the Lakota-American a loner in his old homeland - but also a tactically astute wanderer between very different worlds. When Logan's sister falls victim to a gruesome crime, he returns to the USA and finds himself confronted with a reality that he would have preferred to bury in the farthest corner of his mind.

Zayla's and Logan's lives seem to have no points of contact. And yet their fates and those of the people closest to them are more intimately intertwined than they would have suspected. Across generations, continents and incarnations, a painful shadow dance begins that demands everything from the protagonists... Who will succeed in the journey back to their own power?



Night Dance: Shadow Worlds - Look inside here! (ebook version)


Logan Peak (Mount Logan).  A Key Location in Night Dance: Glimmer of Light (Book 2)
Logan Peak (Mount Logan). A Key Location in Night Dance: Glimmer of Light (Book 2)

NIGHT DANCE: Glimmer of Light

Book 2 - 02 / 2024


Book 2 picks up six years after the showdown of Book 1 and tells of the turbulent rise of the two main characters Zayla and Logan in the midst of a time that shakes the foundations of the world.


First Nation Camp. Night Dance: Prelude (Book 3)
First Nation Camp. Night Dance: Prelude (Book 3)


Book 3 - 12 / 2025



Book 3 delves deep into the prehistory of the subplot touched upon in book 1 and 2 at the time of the so-called "Indian Wars" in North America. Night Dance: Prelude takes its readers on a journey to a bygone era.
The prequel tells of Elizabeth Brooke - the sandy-haired Rock-With-Horns-Woman (Tȟuŋkáŋ Hetȟúŋ-wiŋ) from Night Dance: Shadow Worlds - her brother Nathaniel, her husband Standing Elk (Heȟáka Nážiŋ) and his brother-friend, the legendary Black Wolf Chief (Šuŋgmánitu Tȟáŋka Sápe), Logan's ancestor.

Closely linked to the lives of these main characters are Colonel Robert Montgomery and his son Charles. Both have been introduced in Night Dance: Shadow Worlds.

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