About the Night Dance Author Kory Wynykom:


Born in the North of Europe at a time when the assassination of Martin Luther King, the Vietnam War, the Prague Spring and the '68 movement dominated the world's headlines, Kory studied Social Sciences and English two decades later.

During her university years  she took some time off and backpacked around Australia: New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory, and Queensland. It was an incredibly impressive journey, which greatly broadened her perspective. Shortly after the millennium, she moved to London, in the United Kingdom, for half a decade and experienced a busy life in a melting pot of contrasts and extremes.

Kory on Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia.        I love the tranquillity and vastness captured so beautifully in this photo!
Kory on Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. I love the tranquillity and vastness captured so beautifully in this photo!


I am the mother of a great, now grown-up young human whom I love dearly and who (like each of us) has come into this world with his own issues and challenges.

(Love you, hon! xoxo)



In the Human Design System, I find myself as a projector with a 5/1 profile, i.e. a "heretic investigator" (a description which always makes me chuckle).

According to Human Design, the value of projectors lies mainly in what they SEE around them and not so much in what they do. (They tend to have a good eye for grievances and opportunities for optimisation for example. They are also good at guiding or directing other people's energies). Projectors are not unlike lighthouses. From the boats cruising around on the open sea, you can see their light cones shining in the darkness - but which boats want to dock or prefer to pass by is beyond their control.


In astrology, my business card would probably read: Gemini Sun. Virgo Rising. Cancer Moon. Quoting from Steven Forrest's "The Sky Within" report about me:

"[...] You have the mind - and the voice - of a poet. That is, you inherently think and speak in symbols and allusions. [...] You are a visionary, and you grow spiritually as you take steps to bring that vision into a form that can be shared. [...] Your 'cosmic job description' is communicator or teacher. This means that you were born with something significant to say to the human family. You may write it. You can announce it from a soapbox. But first you have to solve a riddle that life has posed to your spirit: How do you find your true voice?"



"[...] The Moon stands for emotions, as does Cancer. You have combined both in your birth chart. As a result, the subjective, creative, emotional side of your life is very much alive. [...] Your whole character and destiny ultimately revolve around one question: can you free yourself from your social and cultural conditioning to the point where you realise that deep within you burns the spark of something that has never existed? [...] It is as if Spirit has asked you to find a way to get paid to be yourself. [...] When a sun blooms in all its glory in the tenth house, it usually blooms late."



In my mind, I am already living and working in my dream place: a cosy, warm, quiet, rather small but luxurious Danish cottage on the stormy North Sea coast with endless sandy beaches on the doorstep, strong waves and the occasional "shiet-wedder".